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20 OctoVision Mission is the heart of Ster-Kinekor, and allows us to give back to our community. Ster-Kinekor has always been involved in a wide range of CSI projects, however, the focus has been on Vision Mission.

The area of sight and vision was a logical choice since the ability to see is critical to consume our product. Through the assistance of the Department of Health & Education, schools are identified in underprivileged areas. The ophthalmic nurses do the initial screening and optometrists conduct visual examinations in a controlled environment i.e. a Ster-Kinekor cinema foyer, a local clinic, school or at optometrist practices. Prescriptions are documented, frame selected, then everything is sent to the lab for completion.

Any children, who need prescriptions, return to our cinema to receive their glasses and are treated to a movie with improved vision. This is normally the first time these children have seen a movie on the big screen and it is wonderful to see the smiles on their faces afterwards.

What we've achieved:

  • Initial screening by the health care workers and nurses was over 307 846 disadvantaged learners since 2005
  • Optometric testing of approximately 30% of these learners
  • Provided spectacles for about 12 808 learners at a value of R14.08-million
  • Provided assistance for five corneal transplants

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