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In 2009, when the United Nations General Assembly declared Nelson Mandela’s 18 July birthday Nelson Mandela International Day, Madiba called on the people of the world to honour him by helping their communities.

For the Nelson Mandela Foundation, our focus and messaging will be based on promoting community and home-based gardens, supporting fruit and indigenous tree planting, and creating awareness of the intersections between food security and climate change. In 2022 we will be highlighting the plight of food security and climate change with the tagline, “Do what you can, with what you have,
where you are.”


To donate R30 to the work of Nelson Mandela Day, SMS #ACTIONAGAINSTPOVERTY to 42607

Mandela Day focus areas and goals 2019-2029
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Things you can do:

  • Plant and grow fresh, organic and cost-effective produce in or for vulnerable communities
  • Plant and grow indigenous trees for the well-being of all, with an emphasis on fruit trees in support of food production for vulnerable communities
  • Invest in sustainable food production platforms to the benefit of vulnerable communities
  • Embrace home and community planting and growing as a contribution to protecting the environment and addressing the challenge of climate change
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Mandela Day Legacy Gardens

We have committed to support nine gardens, one in each province, over a minimum of six months. The idea is to have nine different gardens that use different approaches and methodologies that relate to community-based agriculture. The gardens will be supported by different corporate partners guided by a needs assessment process that will ascertain the diverse needs of each garden.

The process seeks to partner with the different community-based gardeners in support of their already existing gardening activities with the long-term intention of peer to peer learning opportunities and scale gardens into home-based gardens.

Join others around the world
Download resources for businesses,
schools, organisation and individuals.

Join others around the world
Download resources for businesses,
schools, organisation and individuals.

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