NMF Mandela Learning Platform3

After months of planning and weeks of building and installation, the day finally arrived for the launch of the Mandela Digital Learning Platform at Marikana Primary School in North West, funded by insulation services contractor Kaefer South Africa.

The learning platform was supplied as part of the Mandela Day Library Project, the primary Mandela Day focus for South African non-profit organisation Participate for Good, which operates a fully automated system for gathering funds for the programme. It was officially launched on 17 March 2022.

As the installation progressed, a group of teachers and Grade 7 learners familiarised themselves with the system and how it can benefit them.

NMF Mandela Learning Platform2

With the digital library complementing the Mandela Day Library installed six years ago and still going strong, the 1 730 learners of Marikana Primary School will have a new way to connect with the world, with rich multimedia content delivered via United States-based documentary media company Curiosity Stream’s lessons and content aimed at children from Grade R to Grade 7. The material covers all subjects, including coding and robotics, the Department of Basic Education’s new focus.

The digital platform’s official launch day was marked by a demonstration by pupils, teachers,and the Mandela Day Library Project’s digital team of the capabilities of the system that is designed to lead the school into the digital age.

With the handover complete, the training will continue and it is the programme organisers’ hope that Marikana Primary School will become a shining beacon in the region for digital-assisted learning – and will be a school to watch.