Mandela Library - Sishen Primary School
(Image: Mandela Day Library Project)

The children who attend Sishen Primary School, near Kathu in the Northern Cape, were keen to show off what they were capable of doing with their new Mandela Digital Learning Platform when it was officially launched on 21 September 2022.

Sponsored by Hytec South Africa, which specialises in hydraulics engineering, the learning platform was donated by the Mandela Day Library Project, the primary Mandela Day focus for South African non-profit organisation Participate for Good, which operates a fully automated system for gathering funds for the programme.

The donation included training in how to operate the platform, and the installation of an internet connection. The school’s teachers said they could not wait to integrate the new digital platform into the school’s activities.

Hytec South Africa CEO Chris Riley attended the launch. The donation is part of the company’s greater objective to give back to the communities in which it operates.