How do I get involved?

Whether as an individual, community, business, non-governmental organisation (NGO) or a government department, all you have to do on July 18 is donate 67 minutes of your day to doing something good in any way you can.

The late Mr Nelson Mandela gave 67 years of his life to the struggle for social justice. Can you spare 67 minutes of yours to support a charity or serve your local community?

See what others are doing to commemorate Mandela Day ­here.

To our stakeholders

Every year there is a significant demand for clothing items (particularly t-shirts and caps) that allow people to demonstrate their support for and participation in Mandela Day initiatives. The Nelson Mandela Foundation lacks the resources to provide for free, and to deliver such items, to stakeholders around the country. The Foundation has therefore made an arrangement with a reputable supplier from whom Mandela Day apparel can be ordered directly. The suppliers details are provided below.
Please note that a small amount of royalties accrue to the Foundation from the sale of these items. The funds raised through this will be steered to the work of the Foundation, and particularly to co-ordination of Mandela Day activities. It should be noted that all production is by a South African company and, as such, contributes to the local economy and job creation.
The Mandela Day items available are:

  • Black long sleeve t- shirts
  • White long sleeve t-shirts
  • Black Caps
  • White Caps
  • Buttons

Details of supplier

Contact person: Narriemah Lategan

Email address: and

Telephone number: +27 (0)21 461 0346