Important notice about Nelson Mandela Day

  • Uploaded on 17 July 2012

We would like to plead with all our partners, in the true spirit of Mandela Day to adhere to the Ethical Framework, which is available on our website,

To summarise:

  • Sponsorship must be sourced in a way that builds upon community resources and not divert funding away from communities.
  • Organisations must therefore not use Mandela Day as a vehicle for their organisational fundraising. The spirit of Mandela Day is that we do more with what we’ve got.
  • It is one thing to acknowledge the support of a donor for community initiatives; it is another thing to directly associate Mandela Day with a commercial brand. All of our corporate partners have accepted this principle and do not expect their brand to be advertised alongside the Mandela Day logo, especially on social media networks.
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