Day two of CycAlive 2011; Spirits are up as the cyclists move towards Volksrust

  • Uploaded on 22 August 2011

After a 5:15am start, the 40 CycAlive participants and the ten adults accompanying the cyclists on their journey were ready for yet another day of committed cycling.

“We spent the cold night in a primary school hall, all sleeping on the floor together,” says Rabbi Dovid Hazdan, Dean of the Torah Academy, reporting from the bus.

“After morning prayers and breakfast, we hit the road and arrived at Standerton just after 11:15.”

The team is on its way to Durban as part of the 14th annual CycAlive Mandela Day activity. This year Grade 11 representatives from the Torah Academy, PACE College and Moletsane High in Gauteng are taking part, as well as five learners from Israel.

The cycling trip is made possible largely by a host of corporate sponsors, including MTN that donated bikes, cellphones for connectivity and digital camera for capturing memorable moments.

“We travel in a group of around 20 cyclists on the road at any given time, with at least two representatives from each school on the road at a time,” says Rabbi Hazdan.

“We have been blessed with beautiful weather, and have witnessed the glory of African skies, yellow countryside and even some birds. Early this morning we saw an owl and we just saw some blue cranes.”

Since not all 40 young men are on their bikes at the same time, those who are on the road pull over every ten kilometres or so in order to swop over as the next relay of cyclists takes over.

The three vehicles following the cyclists signal the pullover and together the caravan moves forward.

“We are learning a lot about teamwork and working together,” says Rabbi Hazdan.

With some 214km under their collective belt, the cyclists have another 50km to ride today before they reach their dormitory in the Majuba Mountains in Volksrust.


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