Another poignant day as Bikers For Mandela Day remember Samora Machel

  • Uploaded on 15 July 2011

Bikers for Mandela Day riders at the site where late Mozambican President Samora Machel's plane crashed in 1986

Mbuzini: With over 1 500km of the 2 200km journey now behind them, Bikers For Mandela Day are on the home stretch of this epic initiative to spread and live the ethos of Nelson Mandela International Day.

Just a few days after the bikers had stopped off at the site of Mr Nelson Mandela’s capture in 1962 as part of this year’s Bikers For Mandela Day’s heritage activities, the group reached another poignant site: the Lebombo Mountains, near Mbuzini, where late Mozambican President Samora Machel’s plane crashed in 1986.

There was silence and much reflection on the number of people killed in the struggle for freedom in Africa, and all those who died so tragically with President Machel.

A wreath was laid in memory of all those who were on the plane when it came down under still mysterious circumstances.

After this particularly reflective moment on the 2011 Bikers For Mandela Day journey, it was back to the road on to Mpumulanga. There Bikers For Mandela Day will devote 67 minutes of time at the Nelspruit Community Forum and the Masoyni Special Care Centre – once again providing an example of what individuals worldwide can do to breathe life into the call to action of Nelson Mandela International Day.

The Special Care Centre has previously been supported by one of the key sponsors of this year's trip, Vodacom. It is planned that Vodacom volunteers will join the bikers on site to assist with the activity for the day.

Bikers for Mandela Day riders make their way across Southern Africa's beautiful scenic landscapes

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