The Fashion District Mandela Day Human Chain

The Fashion District Mandela Day Human Chain

The Fashion District Mandela Day Human Chain is an intiative that was originally conceptualised, for 2012 Mandela Day, by the Johannesburg Fashion District-based SEWAFRICA Fashion College. SEWAFRICA then invited the Fashion District Institute (FDI) to come on board in order to make the Mandela Day message being conveyed much more effective. Together the FDI and SEWAFRICA extended participation of this initiative to all the members of the Johannesburg Fashion District (i.e. businesses, organisations and learning institutions) which had a very positive response. This year SEWAFRICA and the FDI have decided to do it again. We have also decided to theme this year's Mandela Day celebrations #IamMandela.

The purpose of the theme is to encourage everyone to celebrate the legacy created by Nelson Mandela as to show gratitude towards the lessons learned from Madiba's actions. Under the Kapitol Kares banner, we are currently collecting clothes, food and blankets which will ALL be donated to Sisters of Mercy House on Kerk Street. Sisters of Mercy House is a shelter home, based in the Johannesburg Fashion District, that houses a large number of homeless people from this great community of ours. It is run by nuns who continuously give back to the Fashion District Community without expecting anything in return.

To show our appreciation, we have also encouraged members of the Johannesburg Fashion District to participate by donating either the above-mentioned items or the most precious gift one can give to another human being, time. All the donations will be made to or at the Fashion Kapitol (130 Pritchard Street, Joburg CBD). There is a cage in the middle of the Fashion Kapitol which all donated items can be placed. Once the items are collected, on Mandela Day, Thursday the 18th of July 2013, between 12h53 to 14h00, members of the Johannesburg Fashion District Community will converge at the Fashion Kapitol, in order to create a human chain.

The purpose of the human chain will be to deliver the collected items to the Sisters of Mercy House. The collected items will be passed, for 67 minutes, from person-to-person along the human chain. The human chain will start from Fashion District Wholesalers (109 Pritchard Street) and all the way to the Sisters of Mercy House on Kerk Street. It is, therefore, important to have a large number of people participating in this initiative, in order to have a chain that is long enough to reach our place of destination. Everyone is welcome to make any form of contribution. It may be clothes, food, blankets or time. All forms of contributions are welcomed. Security for the human chain and collected items will, of course, be organised.

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