A Gift Of Prayer for Mandela

What gift can you give a man whose choices changed the course of history of a nation and taught the whole world that we each have the power to choose?

Former President Nelson Mandela is a true leader who has INSPIRED. IMPACTED. INFLUENCED South Africa and the the world at large.

There is a gift that we can give him back that can do what no other gift can do, it cannot be wrapped in a pretty paper or packed in a box and all it would cost you is some of your time.


Time spent in prayer for someone else is the greatest gift anyone can give.

Prayer is the gift that God allows us to give back to him on behalf of others.

Lets choose 2013 Mandela Day, to give the Former President Nelson Mandela a gift of prayer for himself, his family and the nation of South Africa which he loves.

One can choose to pray for 67 minutes, or get into a group and divide the 67minutes of prayer among yourselves.  

Choose TO BE the difference, TO MAKE a difference, TO SEE the difference!

This event has been marked as public. Please contact the event organizer should you wish to participate.

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