Bikers for Mandela Day

The Bikers for Mandela Day event focuses on spreading the late Mr Nelson Mandela's legacy throughout South Africa.

The focus of the initiative is active participation by all who attend, living Mr Mandela’s legacy of doing good to inspire change in others’ lives.



Bikers for Mandela Day focus on gender-based violence in Botswana

  • Uploaded on 15 July 2013

As patron of the 1st for Women Insurance Trust, Zelda la Grange joined forces with the Botswana Biker Society yesterday in support of action against gender-based abuse.

Bikers for Mandela Day ride gender issues to the next level

  • Uploaded on 11 July 2013

Following the gruesome attack on Anene Booysen in February 2013 and subsequent violent gender incidents, Bikers for Mandela Day, together with First for Women Insurance Trust, decided to take a stand and support initiatives against gender-based violence as part of the movement to inspire change for Mandela Day 2013.

Morgan Freeman and Sir Richard Branson help welcome back Bikers For Mandela Day

  • Uploaded on 18 July 2011

Pretoria, 18 July 2011, 14h00:  On this special day, the 93rd birthday of Mr Nelson Mandela, Bikers For Mandela Day arrived back at the Royal Elephant Hotel & Conference Centre in Pretoria on Nelson Mandela International Day to a rousing reception from sponsors, supporters and two very special virtual guests.

Bikers for Mandela Day riders reflect on their journey around South Africa

  • Uploaded on 17 July 2011

As much as this year’s Bikers For Mandela Day has been a physical challenge over the 2 200kms that will have been covered by the time the bikers arrive back tomorrow, the emotional impact on the group has been as powerful.

Another poignant day as Bikers For Mandela Day remember Samora Machel

  • Uploaded on 15 July 2011

Mbuzini: With over 1 500km of the 2 200km journey now behind them, Bikers For Mandela Day are on the home stretch of this epic initiative to spread and live the ethos of Nelson Mandela International Day.

Spreading the Mandela Day ethos through lots of action on Day Four!

  • Uploaded on 14 July 2011

Jozini: Without a lengthy journey ahead of them on Day Four, Bikers For Mandela Day were able to spend 67 minutes doing good at several projects in the Jozini area. In this, it was one of the most ambitious days for the expedition members when it came to spreading the Mandela Day ethos through action!

Community spirit shines through at Bikers For Mandela Day’s Eshowe stop-off

  • Uploaded on 13 July 2011

Eshowe: A spirit of community embraced Bikers For Mandela Day’s stop-off on day three of this year’s expedition, as celebrities, community members, the deputy mayor, support team personnel, and Mr Mandla Mandela worked together for the betterment of Ncemanene School.

Day of reflection for Bikers For Mandela Day at Howick capture site

  • Uploaded on 12 July 2011

Howick: Day two of the 2011 Bikers For Mandela Day began with a hearty breakfast, courtesy of the Drakensburg Sun, which had joined a significant number of supporters by discounting the team’s overnight stay as part of its contribution to Nelson Mandela International Day.

Bright smiles and open arms on day one of Bikers For Mandela Day!

  • Uploaded on 11 July 2011

Harrismith: The playground was brighter and the smiles of the children wider when the Bikers For Mandela Day finally pulled away from the Harrismith orphanage today.

Bikers for Mandela Day off to a roaring start

  • Uploaded on 11 July 2011

At precisely 07h45 this morning, a group of very special riders added heat to the Gauteng winter chill when they roared out of the Montecasino complex – marking the start of this year’s seven day, 13 hour and 37 minute-long Bikers For Mandela Day expedition.