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Education & Literacy

Woolworths Mandela Day

When: Monday, 18 July 2016

More than 1 660 school children have brand new leather school shoes, and a pair of socks, thanks to a Mandela Day project run at Woolworths’ head office. For most of them it is a rare treat to receive brand new school shoes.

Woolworths’ head office staff partnered with the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) for Mandela Day 2016. NECT identified 11 Fresh Start schools, all of which are classified under-resourced.

The children were given a cut out paper footprint and asked to decorate it. On Mandela Day the artworks were displayed and Woolworths head office and staff could donate R67 or more for a footprint, which would equate to a pair of leather school shoes and a pair of socks.

Woolworths head office employees, the Woolworths Trust, and the MySchool, MyVillage MyPlanet Programme raised more than R100 000.